Bad Bird

Some say it’s magical when they win, others say “I hate it, but I love it” when they describe it. I say, “Flappy Bird” is crazy, useless and dumb. I’m over the obsession. Please make it stop. We don’t need a game that teachers accidently call “Floppy Bird.” The bird doesn’t even look like a bird! More like a fly with a face of a duck. WHY?! It just reminds me of Mario with the green tubes. Let’s just try to stop this whole obsession. Because, let’s face it, it’s not an obsession. It’s more like a curse that makes us want to play knock-off Mario/Angry Birds games.


A new tea, for a new day

Peace Tea is one of my newer obsessions. I love it! Some of the fruity flavors don’t even make it taste like tea until the very last drop of the delicious enjoyment is gone. Then there’s this fantastic aftertaste that makes you want more and then poof! It’s just gone. The first one I had was about a week ago and oh my gosh! I just can’t believe how amazing it is! Try it for your great indulgence of natural flavors and a variety of tastes.


Welcome to the teenage blog filled with ranting about annoying horrible, things that happen when a fave store closes, obsessions and things I personally love! I recently fell in love with Peace Tea and am currently addicted to cake pops from Starbucks.Boring classes drive me insane, especially if there is no one I know in there! What happens when someone isn’t obsessing over something? How in the name of skinny jeans (which everyone loves!) are they not completely in absolute LOVE with something fantastic, such as that?! I’m currently obsessing over more than just Peace Tea and Starbucks. I’m loving the fact that my homework isn’t as stacked up as much as most student’s are right now. I can’t really come up with anything else. And I can’t really go ranting on about anything bad happening.