Shoe Love

I love the smell and feel of new shoes. The soft heavenly soles and the gloss-finish on anything makes it that much more loveable. “Guess” is my favorite shoe brand. Expensive, but fantastic. “Nike” and “Ryka” fall close behind. Let’s not forget about the fabulous “Sperry”! Ballet flats are just as important, and matched with a flowy top and skinny jeans so boho chic (pronounced sheek).

Now I have to talk about the most horrifying footwear available. This is a Common White Girl rant!

Take a moment before slipping into those new plastic rain boots, because those boots are UGLY! I mean uglier than “UGGs”. I can’t stand those junk shoes. The rain boots are cheaply made and ugly printed. “UGG” Boots, put the “UGG” in uggly. Sometimes I want to become a Fashion Police Jo-Ranger so I can pull people over with bad taste in fashion. Really though, if people had good sense of style then I would okay with the world, but sadly most people don’t. Please, make sure you know common fashion rules, so I won’t have to judge you for it. I don’t like judging, but sometimes I have to make my opinion heard.


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