Tv. Why?

I feel like some of the shows today are just sad. I mean comedies aren’t exactly always funny, teenage drama shows are pointless, and horror movies aren’t always watched.

This essentially means that writers haven’t gotten more skill under their wing, and people mustn’t care about what they watch. Now of course things won’t be what they were 20 years ago or even 10, but at least get something going on. I mean a good skit is really all a writer must need.

Comedies need become more of a light themed type movie than just a sex reference every 5 minutes, and watching people get high is only .1% of a movie. I suggest a classic line with a modern twist that isn’t overused. I’m not a TV producer or writer, but I can certainly tell a good comedy from a bad one.

Don’t even get me started on the teenage drama shows. These were never really all that big. I prefer the coming-of-age type movie within a teenager, that makes something like a “drama” stand out. I mean drama is overused and tossed around like a rag doll that it really covers a wide range of movies, instead of just one genre.

Twists and hard left turns are supposed to seen within a horror film. This mainly means that jump scares, just don’t work. Something shocking, like in the first 5 minutes of Jaws where the girl is basically eaten alive by a shark as her suggested boyfriend faints on the beach just before that, is definitely enough to get me going. Unlike some of the special effects, just making one thing seem like something else is enough to startle someone who watches the movie and get really into it. I enjoy horror, but I don’t believe in something knockoff like Jaws 3.


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