School: Creativity a Standard?

In the last few weeks of school, I have been thinking about how students are limited to their imaginations. For example, they can’t exactly show their colorful sides at school. As if everything is supposed to be done in one way and that’s basically it.

Sadly, it feels like the life is getting sucked out of them to go by the curriculum. I have art 2 and my teacher is so stuck to us getting the assignment done than putting much imagination into the project. It takes me about 3 days to actually get something done to what I think is acceptable to put into an art gallery, not just a grade book.

For some students that don’t even try it’s obvious that a teacher has to keep them busy. However, for everyone to suffer is a totally different deal. I feel bad that our generation is growing up the way it is. There was a time where creative minds were considered the best, not the most intelligent. I mean knowledge has so much of a limit compared to the creative process.

Not all classes are like this, but very many are. It’s almost as if I have to follow one way and not even think to ask if something else could be done without the teacher just saying “no” without an explanation on why it can’t be done. It would be nice to have the example of why and maybe use that knowledge for later.


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