Starbucks a Dissapointment?

I feel like Starbucks has become one of those places that messes up your orders more and more. The past two times I have gone I wasn’t really impressed. My mocha frappuccino turned into an ice coffee with whip cream. I didn’t complain because it was still yummy, but I think they need to amp up their game.
OU in Norman, Oklahoma has a Starbucks on their campus where I ordered my failed mocha frappuccino and I feel as though the overstaffed coffee shop didn’t quite understand what a frappuccino was. I don’t normally complain, but my pumpkin spice mocha turned out great! For a heated drink in the chilly weather it felt as though there was too much spice. The quality of their drinks hasn’t gone down much but they are still not as pleasing as they were a month ago. I don’t think I’ve had such problems with these guys before but still. The solution to this problem is to hire the better quality of workers and ones that are trained baristas under a slightly challenging course.


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