The Outlook of Malls

Malls have just about everything a person needs. They don’t stay the same though.
Like everything else, these shopping centers are constantly going from one theme to the next.
For example, in Lawton Oklahoma, Central Mall has went under some changes in the past few years by recently closing a few stores and putting in about one or two in the empty spaces.
There is a simulator ride for parents and kids to experience rollercoasters or mine trains. Which to me is just boring and I’m surprised it’s still open because no one seems to be lining up for it.
Central Mall now has a curfew for families to hang out, leaving the single 16 to 18 year old teenagers to go somewhere else, and anyone under 18 can’t be wondering around alone. This is where I start to disagree on things.
There’s only so much a mall can do until it starts to become nothing less than a shopping center, like a second hand place to go to.
Now, I’ve been to Sikes Center in Wichita Falls and it is the place to be. I can go on forever about why I love Sikes, but let’s just say their arcade, food choices, and shopping choices are pretty great. Not to mention Books-a-Million!
In a mall, you have choices but the greater the variety the better.
At Grapevine Mall in Irving, TX the large single-level mall has enough to offer a girl like me. The giant carousel in the food court is not only extravagant but a piece of the mall that makes it stand out. The choices are beyond what I thought I could get.
At Grapevine, my favorite stops are American Eagle, G by Guess, Aerie, and Calvin Klein. In fact, they are my top 3 stops. The extravagant mall has brought upon much to love. I couldn’t explore every inch of Grapevine, but from what I saw, the mall was amazing.
Overall, each mall is different, but quality should always be a standard. Sometimes it isn’t, but eventually the owners will figure this out without using a curfew.


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