Fashion, Class and a Whole Lot of Love

Seeing as to how I’m into fashion it’s only natural to be classy, yet loveable. While everyone is posting about New Year’s and all that great stuff I am actually very content with just having good fashion sense, staying classy, and chasing after useless love like any responsible teenager would. Although I’m different from a lot of people.

I don’t set resolutions for the upcoming year. However, setting goals are key in life, but one should have goals set throughout the year. Like creating a to do list for the week. Last year (2014) I set a few goals for school and made just about every one of them because I did it on my own terms, not some giant holiday to makeup for the years’ losses.

This year I don’t really have a plan. I’m going to take things day by day and make the best decisions I possibly can. And if it weren’t for the fireworks I could make a good decision to get some sleep. Good thing I don’t have anything planned tomorrow. Anyway, happy 2015 and may it be great!


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