Back to the Grind

I’ve been back at school for a week now and honestly, I don’t miss the sleeping in. I just miss the fact there wasn’t a lot of stress during that time. I don’t mind school, in fact I really enjoy the hard schedule and work to match. However, there is stress that comes with this and it’s not that fun of a stress. There’s a good stress that minds you things need to be done, but there’s another stress which just makes you feel so overwhelmed by almost everything school has to offer.

I think I’ve gotten the hang of handling the stress over the years, but it feels as though it may never go away. This makes things seem almost impossible to deal with. I still feel the pain and suffering of any other high school student, but I think the only way to handle it is to study. I hate studying, but I get it done. Sadly, most teenagers don’t do this. It’s almost as though we can still manage to skim by without it and teachers don’t really do much. Maybe we had proof studying helps then it should help them with teaching us.

Another way to I found to reduce stress is to get a good nights’ rest. This means the 8 and half to 10 hour of sleep that is recommended by doctors and whoever else is there to back up that fact. I was able to tackle this week better than last week because I was able to get more sleep. Last week was certainly very difficult due to the fact I got, at most, 6 hours of sleep each night. Well, I guess that’s expected.

Shopping and doing the things I do best are probably the best way for me to get over a long week. Now, I do this over the weekend when I know I don’t have a lot of things to do. This gives me time to think and relax a little bit. Even if it’s just a few hours of relief,it’s better than nothing. Starbucks runs are just great for the soul to begin with so it’s just an added bonus. On Sundays, I do some sort of studying for school and then I do some cleaning up in my room.

So with all of my busy days I do find ways to hang out and chill. I don’t really do much beyond this little set up of mine, but it did take time to perfect and with it now in motion I will eventually find ways to tweak it. Little things sometimes seem to be over looked, but that’s why they count so much.


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