Schooling is, Once Again, Flawed

In my art class I feel as though my teacher sees only one way of art: neat, well done and just perfect. As if there’s even a way to grade art in a such a way where everyone’s vision matches that exact description. I don’t really see how art is even a graded class. It should be you do your work in a timely fashion and get a 90 in the class. If you don’t 50. Either you pass it, or don’t. Almost like in my driver’s ed class. I feel as though art teachers, can judge artwork based on their vision of what art is. No two people have the exact taste in art without coming to an agreement on the fact that everyone is different. With that said, I understand if a student just slapped something together and said “done.” This is laziness and is understandable why an art teacher may give a low grade. But just because it’s finished in just a few minutes doesn’t mean that it’s not good. Maybe the student was actually thinking long and hard about what they wanted to draw. I mean does this ever occur to teachers? Other times it just comes to the student and they don’t want to lose that vision and it’s finished within 30 min of class, but it’s done well. My teacher gets so upset when I finish my work in roughly 40 minutes. But in all honesty I really do try to make it match her vision. So it’s not really my artwork. It’s more of hers than mine. This is where the grade is starting to over throw the creativity. I stopped trying to make things different and give new points of view on some of my artwork that I do because of that reason. At the rate I’m going I may finish art with a 75 because a teacher told me to be under certain guidelines. It just bothers me. It’s like I can’t express myself without being limited to what I can do. Imagination is limitless. Art teachers, please do yourself (and students) a favor and just grade artwork like a piece of art. Who knows, it may become famous one day and you gave a 60 on it.



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