Friendships are Magical

It’s approximately 12:03 and you’re at a friends’ house. Now, what normally happens there, stays there. The inside jokes, laughter of random situations, and the gossip (and yes, food).

These combined make for a marvelous night, when with the right person or people. I prefer maybe one or two people over and a lot of movies and laughter. I also prefer the time to be spent with crazy awesome people who eventually know when to go to sleep and don’t party all night. Basically, I don’t want to be up at 12 in the afternoon with a huge mess to clean up and then my added on chores. However, during the day I would like to have total humor and serious conversations.

Besides all of the craziness friendship brings, there are sometimes a need for seriousness and nothing less than a best friend is worth the serious conversations. I know I can trust my best friend to keep secrets and tell me things that most people wouldn’t to my face. My best friend is, without a doubt, willing to tell me when something I am about to do is just dumb and a waste of my time.

However, friendship works in both directions. If you give your best friend a cookie, they’ll eat it with pleasure. If they give you a cookie, also eat it with pleasure, no matter how bad it may taste. It’s important to not treat your friend as a side-kick, but as a superhero. Someone who is just as fantastic as you are, but makes you a better person. Friendships are more powerful when they are both working for something more than just a “hey, what’s up?” but more of a “I saw you cry, and I got you chocolate.”

What are your magical friend moments or how do you relate?


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