Being a Teenager is HARD

Okay, so just about every teenager has this issue of life being “hard.” But how many have two blogs, a future website, are a very reliable sports editor (without a true partner), and keep up in school while working on Saturdays. I also have to help my dad run his personal little kid soccer team.

I sometimes ask the questions “What am I doing?” or “Why am I doing half this?” and then I come to the conclusion of “videogames can always be done a Sunday after my slight load of chores” (I’m a very organized person even when things are going crazy). So I think that helps my Sunday chores.

It’s hard to juggle school and be wherever I can be in the mean time. For example, I may have a serious school time, and be exhausted when it’s over, but still go cover a sporting event. I even miss two or three days of school to get good pictures at a sporting event.

Socially, I’m as active as I can be and then some. I try to get as many days in of fun as possible. I normally don’t tell my friends how busy I am and just jump in and go to birthday parities and gatherings. Even chill out at Starbucks alone, which helps me plan out week because of the calmer atmosphere.

I’m really excited to continue next year as a sports editor and friend of the players. I’m also ready to be as fantastic of a person as I can be. To all the teenagers out there: don’t question what you’re doing. You’re just following a passion.


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