School Starts (un)Sweetly

Well, it’s another year. I’m totally exhausted and I’m only a week in.

So far I have done 477 painful vocabulary definitions in roughly 3 and a half days, attended senior meetings and applied to a college. Not to mention Algebra III and physics homework.

This is normal though. Well, not the vocabulary, but the homework. The work is all tedious review from previous years. Not very interesting, but still needed. I think my main headache comes from a severe lack of sleep.

I don’t think I’ve actually slept decent since school started. In fact, most teenagers don’t understand how needed sleep is to finish all this excessive work. A teenager should be getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep, but we’re not getting it. A solution to this was a brilliant idea of late start Mondays. Seriously, I’m all for this! But my messy lifestyle may not be improved. I’ll only stay up later get about my normal 6-7 hours of sleep no matter what. So a goal is to actually sleep by 9:30 and wake up at 7 or so on these late start days. However, for now, I think I should be striving for that goal. But making it is hard.

Do you ever just set a goal and you can’t quite make it because of outside distractions? Don’t lie. You have. Everyone has. It’s sadly becoming a colossal issue for me to make these goals with the ability to stay awake during the day. I don’t want to rely on coffee more than I already do, but I’m simply tired of not being able to sleep at night for no good reason.

Do my fellow followers have any suggestions on how to help a sleeping issue without medications? Or even a way to numb the pain of being awake 18 hours until I get on a proper schedule? Thanks!


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