The Life of a Teenage Journalist

Allow me to begin by saying how much I love my job as a sports editor. I love talking to coaches and other reporters. Most of all, I love linking people at home to the game by Tweeting, putting up Vines, and adding Instagram photos.

I do, however, get caught up in the games. I can sometimes focus too much on one thing and miss a play. Luckily, I can always ask a player who was apart of the play and get a great rundown from a player. They also tend to give an opinion of it, so there’s a conversation starter. Well, that’s distracting but eventually we both end up going to back to our duties.

I have a pretty strong connection with the players and coaches. Which always helps because easy links are better than having to track people down. Finding students, players, or coaches to interview is probably one of the biggest headaches ever. Essentially, a journalist should have connections and getting those should be easy as long as they are outgoing and not afraid to talk to others.

I also think being a very outgoing person makes my job easier. I’m not afraid to find my voice with total strangers. And I think that’s great! I used to be so shy of people. I mean around freshman year I stopped caring about being in the shadows. I belong in the sunshine soaking up rays of diverse people.

My job isn’t a job. It’s something I have greatly enjoyed since the day I started it. I’m only now getting in the swing of things and scoring home run photos (puns intended).


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