The System for the Average Teenager

This morning, my younger sister woke up in a bad mood. I eventually asked her what was wrong and she said she was worried about the state test she has today.

Why is this even a thing? How is a little kid, roughly 9 years old, stressing out about tests? We focus so much on making a grade and relying on that grade to take us up to the next level, there is no fun anymore. I do not feel like the government is working on going back to a system not relied on test taking skills. Which are not even skills to begin with since you are either guessing or recalling memory. Teachers probably know this.

But something they should be really focused on, is that when a student does not understand the subject, it’s not their fault sometimes. There is such a thing as a student not being able to understand a subject due to the failure of a teacher not actually teaching the subject properly. The goal is to understand the subject, not take a zero and move on.

Then there is the matter of the grading system. There is the fact that a zero takes you down like the Titanic and an A brings up one or two feet above water. Please, school system explain why it takes me two days to go from a B to a C and then do all my assignments and stay at my C for about two weeks.

My sister made me realize how students really are more than a statistic and the brightest of students are considered to be below average or average even though they excelled in reading, but did not do so well in math. Maybe they are more of a writer and wrote a college level essay, but could not get pass freshman year math.

This really grinds my gears and I am completely done with trying to make sense of the system we have become conformed to. I guess you can say I am going to try my hardest, but I refuse to worry about the grade I make.


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