Saying What I Want…Freedom to Speech

Try to separate them, it’s an illusion. (For those of you who don’t know, it’s a parody of Frank Sinatra’s song Love and Marriage).

My First Amendment rights state that I can do what I want with my words, like make a song reference or interview anyone I want.

I’m a journalist, and it’s what I do best. I’ve been in the game since about my sophomore year, 2013. My journo-mom is one heck of a guide in this little expedition of mine. She has given me crackers and coffee. Oh! Lots and lots of pizza as well. So much pizza that I now only eat it when it’s provided by the journalism department.

I cannot believe how much I’ve changed since being on my staff, and even before then.

My freshman year I started off in an introduction to journalism class. I met some of my favorite people in that class. I actually became a teacher aid for jurno-mom. I get to help out a younger group and I get to (almost) teach what I love doing. I missed a good portion of the First Amendment lesson, and that’s actually one of my favorites. It goes over the basic fundamentals of a journalists’ protection under the Bill of Rights.

Now that I’m older, and have gone through some issues with administration at some point, I think I can handle just about anything. The staff, over the years, has rocked the boat enough to where we could probably pull off anything at this point. As a side note, it’s not a journalist’s job to keep order, but expose hidden messages. We wouldn’t know about the NSA if it weren’t for Edward Snowden. Like kudos to you if you see this! He’s kind of a role model for what true journalism is.

Snowden used his First Amendment rights to keep this country aware of what’s going on in the world. However, there is great responsibility with such power. A journalist should never abuse the rights given to them. Reporting is mainly about balance, being unbiased. Always report both sides and, when on air, don’t attack any given side. Give both a chance to explain themselves. Before I got introduced to journalism, I didn’t know that.

I think I’ve come such a long way. My writing has improved dramatically and the way I view reporting to the public has changed. Any journalists out there? I would like to know some of your experiences and what you do with your First Amendment rights. Or even input on my journey would do.


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