I’m Not Average Anymore, I’m growing up

Sometimes I feel as though I’m not an average teenager. I have a lot of work to do for myself, and that’s probably why I’ve been M.I.A for the past few months. I seriously don’t have the room here to discuss everything, but I will say I’ve found a long distant love for writing.
For some teachers, it’s not a surprise that a journalism student is so active in school activities other than journalism. I write for a school newspaper because I love it , it’s expected of me to continue on in a way that shows how much I love journalism. That’s not necessarily the case, since I’m the only one who wants to actually become a journalist in the real world on my staff. This wasn’t my first choice. I was wanting to do some serious work on fashion, but I realized I have a true passion for writing. I don’t think about writing as a job, I just sort of do it. I have to think about going out on a shopping trip and I’m really looking for great ideas for great news when I go. Unlike writing where I spit out words on a screen or paper and somehow my thoughts all work out into this beautiful work of art, fashion just never got to me. Thank goodness for the introduction to journalism students, they have made me realize I want to become a journalism mom at some point in my life. My newspaper adviser is my currently my journalism mom, Lisa Snider.
She is literally a second mom to me. I think I’ve taken more crackers from her than my own household, I don’t have crackers at home so that’s not saying much. But still, there is a lot of love in the newsroom. I feel as though students and teachers don’t understand the amount of skill sets you need to, and do, learn as a student journalist. I have done some serious work and realized that it’s possible to juggle student life and a journalist life all at once. I have learned communication skills and prioritizing my work with my life. I’ve always been a little OCD, but now I think I have it to the point of proper planning to go with it, especially when it comes to my assignments.
Just tonight I finished up planning and interviewing for my current news stories. Then I had just enough time to jump on here and write this so that it would be out of the way. I’m really proud of myself for organizing myself enough so that I would be able to get everything  that needs to be done to done. I don’t usually congratulate myself for this but it’s been a very busy year for me. This is my last year in high school and it’s kept me so busy I’m surprised I have time to do anything.
They really shouldn’t have lied about the easy classes you have when the classes aren’t all that easy. It’s not easy trying fit academics into the little amount of time you have to do everything else. Challenges are nice until you have something that you can’t figure out, this one challenge is so much more stressful than expected. My Algebra III class is pretty sweet though and so is my physics, they are the classes that will challenge your mind the most. The rest are time consuming, and I’m not in the “I wish this was over now” stage of my high school experience. It’s more of the fact require so much work and it’s done in the matter of seconds sometimes and will push you to the edge.
To recap my first semester up to this point, it’s been difficult. Blood, sweat, and tears were on a level beyond anything I would have expected me to have. I’m sorry for not being on as much. I actually have missed my blog on so many levels. I promise to get on it more often. Things will eventually cool down here and I will have more time to interact with my readers.


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