I Have Sharpies, What do You Have?

Freshman are over here with all these relationship goals and what other nonsense goes on their lives. Here’s a backstory: I don’t date unless I absolutely feel like it, and I haven’t, at least not in the 9th grade.

I feel as though these kids are kind of wasting their time with the opposite sex, or otherwise. Like it’s not really worth the issues when you’re young. It’s okay to be single and it’s okay to just have the 50 pack Sharpies like what Here’s the thing about Sharpies, I kept track of those things like they were my babies. I never left them in the car and I made sure they all worked. The day one died, I would go buy another. Having those Sharpies around were like a second responsibility, kind of like a love interest. However, I don’t think Sharpies would break my heart or make me cry.

Freshmen are making a big deal out of love that doesn’t exist. It’s not real love unless it’s truly made by each other. Not all love is meant to end, but there isn’t much of a true love.

What’s an eleven year old doing with love letters? Nothing. The relationship may never advance by the end of the year, if it even lasts that long. In truth, some of these freshmen relationships end within the first two months.

Around junior and senior year, seems like a good time to actually be into someone. You can build off of each other within those years. Around senior year, people seem to understand compromise, which is heavily missing in the early years of high school. Most are selfish beings until around junior year.

However, there are relationships which stand the test of time. But think about it, there’s only four years of your high school experience and it’s crazy ridiculous to settle so soon. In a relationship like this, I seriously hope they live happily ever after, just like in the movies and books. It would be awful to see something like that happen after so long of them being together. I can’t even get myself to part with my dead Sharpies after two years.

It’s almost weird to see freshmen with boyfriends and girlfriends of any sort. I’m all right with remembering my high school years as playful and friend filled, because I still refuse to grow up, no matter who comes my way.


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