The World is a Mess

My town seems to be falling apart. In the past few days there was a student with a hit list targeting students and teachers, then there was a guy who got shot in the head, and a rape/carjacking happened.

My only question is why? People can be messed  up sometimes. If we were all to at least control ourselves, would be all right. I mean yeah, it’s okay to not like people. It’s also not okay to shoot someone just because. That’s everywhere though. ISIS may have a record of killings in today’s world, but let’s not forget these issues are massive across the United States and the rest of the globe.

There is nothing worse than someone attacking people for no true reason other than to kill or leave a mark on someone.

Everyday, people try to start some sort of brawl over pretty much everything. This is a serious lack of self control. A person shouldn’t be aiming to start something they probably won’t finish in the sense of they will get caught.

Luckily, there hasn’t been any huge issues here, but they exist more so outside of school. Which is pretty terrible. What are you going to do? Get caught by the police who will do more than just fine you like the school? I think it goes back to the way people are raised.

Parents are so absent these day since the economy crashed in 2008, we are still having to recover in some way. The parents have longer work hours and the students are bored. I enjoy the alone time, but sometimes I become bored of movie marathons, but I don’t try to build myself when the parents aren’t home and some people are the same way.  

Sometimes, we are so caught up in who we are and our reputations. That reputation doesn’t matter unless you plan to be in high school your whole life or you just don’t have any true plans for life. We forget what we do impacts so much more than a loss of life or body damage. What we do as people makes the world either stop or go.

Just a little something to take into your day, make a positive difference and make one soon. You never know how fast you can make a difference.


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