New Year’s Post

Today was the first day of 2016. I went to bed last night at around 8 and woke up at almost 11. Which is perfect because sleep is a resolution, my only resolution.

I have had an excellent 2015, unlike most. I got into my dream college, University of Central Oklahoma and all I need to do is enroll this month. I also discovered more friendships and connections with old and new friends. However, I did land in a few rough patches that were drawn out for a long time. Most of my friends on Facebook seem to have felt the same way. Being young and dumb isn’t the best thing in the world when it comes to personal issues. Sometimes I make the worst decisions ever, other times not so much. I’m leaning how to deal with people and now that it’s a fresh start I know what this year, hopefully, holds.

To begin, friendships and relationships of any kind are to the point, interesting. I can’t say everything will turn out perfectly, but I know my last several months with friends will be pretty great. I may have a few really hard goodbye’s but for the most part we understand the time is coming to say farwell. However, for the few I will see at my college we will probably be in some sort of contact.

I don’t know if I’m okay with saying goodbye. There’s nothing I can do to stop time. I have to ease into things and not get a headache from thinking about all I need to do after graduation. That is clearly for another day and not something to stress right this second. At the same time, it’s hard to think about saying ciao to some of the coolest people ever. It’s been at least 4 years with some of my friends and that’s hard to let go of. I know I’ll manage, but this whole New Year’s thing really gets me thinking a little too much about the future.

What are some of your thoughts on what’s going on this year? Anything interesting or exciting?


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