A Tribute Post to My Father

My dad, the most amazing person on this planet, has done so much for me. From bringing Starbucks and sweatpants to my newspaper late nights, to making sure I’m going to bed at a decent hour.

A father is a girls’ hero from the very beginning of her life. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. From the very beginning I turned into the center of Father’s universe and became his sunshine, or so he calls me, in his life.

Dad has given up some of his favorite hobbies, like flying small airplanes, to make sure I wouldn’t have a questionable upbringing. Father, is a perfectionist when it comes to his job.

Here’s the thing though, he’s done some pretty cool things with his life. Boating, traveling to England, flying air planes, working on a golf course/family¬†restaurant. It’s kind of interesting to revisit his old lifestyle.

I didn’t think about some of the things Father has done in past until we went on a trip to the hangar a few weeks ago.

Inside, there are two airplanes, both covered in 100 years of dust, dismantled, and the wings are stitched against one of the cold metal walls by rope threaded to the outside. The concrete ground hasn’t been swept in a few months and there’s piles of grass throughout the floor plan.

One of the new airplanes sits outside. The paint still shines, the tires are dull, and the seat is missing. Despite clashing perfections, and poor bambino (baby) still runs!

I feel as though Father doesn’t like going back into the things he misses, he’s always looking forward to the future and where he presently stands in the time frame of this spinning world. There is something about him being able to not really dwell on the things he misses, makes me feel as though looking forward is all one can do in life. The more you look back, the more want things to change and be different. However, Dad happens to have the greatest stories to tell. Such as from his childhood and facing fears of parents.

I don’t know much about my grandparent’s, but I do know they ran a tight ship around the Mercadante household. Starting the drive of the father I have now. Without their teachings, my dad would not have been able to improve their teachings and tweak them to match the lifestyle I have now.

Which is probably how my father has set such a standard for every man I meet in everyday life. I can’t judge the guys I meet based off of Dad and everything he is, but I can try to find someone close to what I’m used to. A father is the one person in this world who holds their daughter’s heart better than a silk pillow.

I recently sent Dad to get some Pepto-Bismol for my upset stomach, and he came back with my special order and some candy cane flavored ChapStick. Little things like that just make my day. I also had a delimma a while with my local Wal-Mart not stocking the Starbucks VIA Instant Peppermint Mocha, a craving of mine during the holidays. Father went to the actual Starbucks store in a town nearby and got my yummy drink! That was really nice to have after a long, cold day.

In advance, I wish whoever I meet a good first impression, and understand the smallest of actions are the best. I couldn’t deal with not being as much of a priority as I currently am.

A father is a wonderful type love that only exists in those who set their mind to giving their children the world and then some. They also set the tone in which their children will judge society. A father is an important aspect in anyone person’s life and the stage is lit any time they have something to say in the household.

Who are some of your greatest inspirations in life? Any past childhood memories with parents or guardians? Funny stories to tell about growing up?


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