A Look into the Teenage Valentine’s Day

Most of us spend a whole year looking for that one special person to spend one single day with.  what if you don’t find the person? Well, there’s always discount candy and movies.

I recently watched a movie about a Valentine’s Grinch, such as myself, who was a blogger finding love in an unexpected place. Just a typical love story. Then I realized, maybe not so.

Surprise! I have a date on Feb. 15! It’s too typical to have something on Valentine’s Day and let me be the first to say, nothing is better than not having a typical date on a typical day. It’s almost too mainstream to have to sign up for love the day it seems required.

But here is the real kicker, I don’t think I can tolerate someone “loving” me. I almost feel like I’m too much of a brat to be loved by someone other than my dad. I’m a lot, even for myself sometimes.

Then there’s the question of how do people combine their hearts to make for something almost too surreal for words?

I will never understand this concept humans have become to know or, in the slightest sense, understand. I’m not a broken teenager when it comes to this. I love a few of my closest friends, but relationships are beyond me.

My guy friends are nothing more than people I may never be one for. I couldn’t be shrouded by their obnoxiousness for the rest of my life.

That’s another thing, how do you find someone you wouldn’t mind being with for the rest of your life? A lot of people say, “if mirage isn’t the goal, then you’re wasting your time.” But that’s a huge commitment for some of us to make. Maybe we’re not ready nor are we even thinking that far ahead.

I think it’s cute people are trying to get their love life in order by their early to mid 20’s. That seems like a good start, in all truth.

Then there’s the contradictory thought of “but this guy you’re hanging out with is pretty much everything you’re looking for kid.” No, he’s not going to propose or some crazy thing like that. But I can tell you, I wouldn’t mind going discount candy shopping with him or going on some off the wall date.

As I type this at a nearby Starbucks, I couldn’t have more love surrounding me. There a few dates happening right now between fresh couples, some who have been together for a while, and even older ones who sit and read. I probably look like a total nerd for head checking every 10 minutes, but little do they know the purpose they serve.

All these significant others give a huge portion of us less lovable people some sort of reassurance there is someone out there for you. From what I’ve learned, don’t go looking for a love you want. Let it come to you. Just like in sports, let the play come to you.

I guess for now, I’m going to take this year’s post to heart and do me. Maybe my date won’t go too incredibly romantic, but I may not mind a little bit of a hug.


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