What You’ve Missed

Quite a bit has happened in the past month and day I haven’t been on here.

I toured my dream college a little while back and I couldn’t be more excited with my life. I have so much planned after I graduate, but the number one priority is sleeping for a good portion of the first week of summer.

For now, I have a mini check list of things I need to do until then. I finished my senior will and such, which is technically my last tribute to the school. I also finished getting my position as sports editor to be taken here in a couple of months. Although, I can’t quite figure out if I’m starting too early or just trying to not get attached. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to being a sports editor of my school’s newspaper.

I also have been working on a research paper about sex education. I plan to post that on here when it’s gone through the process of edits. This seemed to be serious issue for me and I hope you guys like it almost as much as I did writing it. I truly love to write for reason. This blog kind of keeps me together in life. I’ll have to continue it during college.

Allergies have been a kill this year. Anyone else? I can’t shake whatever I’ve gotten in the past few weeks. Nothing is truly worse than practically dying of allergies. The good news is, sleep is coming to me more than usual. Weekends tend to give me freedom in the sleep department as well.

Driving. As much as I hate not knowing street names, I tend to get around quite all right. I know how to drive, I just can’t seem to find a right time to skip town and get my license. When I have an opening, Dad is busy. On the days I don’t have school there seems to be a government holiday or travels I have to take. Way to go me for procrastinating things. The second I do, I’m going to take a very good friend of mine to the state capitol and take her to a nice lunch with no boys.

Also, I think I have the feels for someone. I know my Valentine’s Day post probably covered this, but I’m pretty much on the rise of being somewhat of an acquaintance of someone. I refuse to say I love this person. There is such a thing as jinxing things, or maybe I’m not in love with them. Maybe it’s just a thought after being single for a year and half and not looking back at loving someone. It was a fake love and I’m beyond done with those.

With that said, I did ask a girl friend out to prom. Because high school boys are terrible no matter what they say. They never take a girl’s best interest to heart. It’s almost annoying to be a teenage girl with these guys around. I did a Hamlet type “promposal” by making a poster with a skull held in a hand with the words “Prom?” just below the skull. I read two very long speeches from the play. It’s hard enough to do that alone, but there were roughly 15 other people and died a little bit. Other then that, I made it and got a friend to go to prom with me. All I have to do at this point is go ahead and book the party bus and get my dress.

Oh my gosh! There’s been quite a bit here lately. I think I’ve covered everything though. I mean a month in review is bit too much to call it, but there’s not a lot more going on. I’ve spent this weekend at Starbucks working on blog posts and getting somewhat organized. I always feel like I’m missing something that has to deal with my school though. I don’t know, I couldn’t be more annoyed by this feeling, but I’ll tackle the issue tomorrow when I have more paperwork sitting at my desk.

How is everyone’s 2016 going so far?


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