Someone Made Progress

After all this time in Starbucks today, I have checked almost everything off of my list of things to do.

I finished the presentation to my research paper. I also finished said paper. Final edits and all. I couldn’t be more proud. I also can’t believe how much work I’ve been able to accomplish.

I also drew a picture for my art journal. It’s not the new fad of making off lists and being a mini journalist. It’s me creating little drawings during my time not working. Which is super rare.

There has been major work done in my journalism department. With three stories done in record time, and then some, I think I can pretty much tackle my future in the profession.

One thing that bothers me, is not knowing how to just relax and not always do something that has to do with school.

My friend asked me about what I do for fun and I really had to think long and hard. Besides covering my favorite sports, movies seem to always be the only interest I have.

The black and white crime movies with mobsters are my favorite. Nothing sparks my attention more than a good culprit and a wild police chase.

Even though it’s highly unlikely, I might be able to stay ahead of the game for the next week on my school work. Okay, maybe until Tuesday. But still I’ll be able to rest and not be too stressed during that time.

I have to give special thanks to the Starbucks Wi-Fi and my laptop for holding up on battery today. I couldn’t do it without you both!

How is everyone doing with their work of any kind? Any major productivity happening?


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