What a Week…

I just got done with a terrible, miserable surgery of wisdom teeth removal. I got all four removed and it was miserable.

There were about six days of practically no real food and limited amount of drinks I can have for 24 hours. So many rules involving straws during that time really made a saddening effect on me. I really wanted a butter beer from Starbucks.
I currently can’t most foods and I’ve been craving cookies since I’ve gotten done with the procedure.
Do you know what it’s like to want something right after a surgery and you can’t eat it? So miserable.
On the bright side, I had a couple of really close friends check in on me daily. It was nice to get those sweet little text messages of “How are you?” and “Get some rest.” Something about receiving these word gifts, kind of made me realize how great my people are. My friends are absolutely perfect and completely perfect in every way.
During my time out, I missed a lot of school. Five days to be exact. I don’t think there was anything worse.
On my first day back, I walked into first hour two minutes late due to dropping off one of my many doctor’s notes. I asked about missing work and it was weird to hear I that I’m missing absolutely nothing. I guess it was a lucky break. Or was I excused from work? I’ll never know honestly. I’m not going to press it.
I also don’t seem to have any work in newspaper besides story ideas, which I finished the morning of. I feel like a slacker for both of those.
Nothing like taking a few days off and then having to show up to school with little responsibility in the morning. Peaceful.
A few friends stopped me in the hallway on the way to second hour. It was pretty cool to just chat. Some progress was made though. Like I got to see my three favorite guy friends and a gal pal.
Once I got to second hour a friend of mine, who forgot her stuff in her first hour, ran up and hugged me got her things and left. It was really sweet.
School work today is going to be pretty sour. I know for a fact I don’t have anything in my first two hours or seventh hour. That keeps me somewhat going in all truth. Physics will be okay though. I’ll probably have some slight catch up to play but nothing too major.
One thing I will say, is during lunch I have a meeting with DECA today. Not looking forward to it. I miss my friends. I don’t want to spend my first day back not hanging out with them. That’s a special kind of torture when you love human interaction after being out of touch. I’ll see how that goes.
Thinking of torture, planning prom is probably the hardest thing I will ever do. Luckily, I got that done during my down time. I don’t exactly have a worry other than my prom dress. I haven’t gotten that done and prom is just 11 days away. Crap! I had a mini break down just then and I can’t right now.
There’s nothing really stressing me.

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