My Final Day Visiting Broadcast Media

20160623_175603.jpgDay two of visiting this new world of broadcast media was swell! You can look back at day one here. I already miss it. But I know it’ll be right there for me when I get another opportunity.

Only my final day as a shadow, I practiced making a script for the anchors to read.

This is actually really easy for me. I’m a writer, it’s my job to be precise in my writing. Essentially, the producer (someone who writes the scripts) will look up a script from another broadcast and reword it. From there, the producer can shorten/lengthen the story to fit in the time frame of that story.

A producer also assigns, drops and adds stories for their portion of the broadcast.

After I learned a little of that, I worked the teleprompter. Which is just a screen the anchors read off of and add their own touch to the broadcast. They make every other word stand out and catch attention to their viewers. I had to keep up with one of the anchors who talks kind of fast in some parts and slower in others.

To work this magical screen, there is a wheel that you turn right to run the words as you read and you manually adjust the speed by turning left to slow down the words. It’s a bit touchy the first couple of times, but after that I think I got it down. Which is pretty cool!

There was some down time for me after the lesson. I just talked with the crew who where in the newsroom. There weren’t very many, but just enough for conversation about anything and everything.

I got to do a mock weather report and there were about 4 TV screens which were broadcasting me. I didn’t know where to look. I got distracted by seeing myself in HD. I learned how to point at the temperatures and where to stand. There is also a mini green screen that is used to cover the weather anchor. I disappeared for 30 seconds, which is pretty cool. Looking at the teleprompter and working the screen was kind of difficult even once I figured out where to stand. Weather is definitely my weak spot. It took me a little while to get into the arm motion.

For the most interesting part, I got to watch TV for a mini job. Well, just the commercials and the times they were aired. It seems easy until you realize you can’t mark times during the commercial break. You marked them when whatever show came back on. There was a special monitor that counted down how much time until commercial break so that kept me on a track for a little bit. When the slot aired, the same program saved the time in 24 hour form. It was my job to write down the time on the physical form in 12 hour form.

I also got to see how the commercials are transferred (by just a few button clicks) over from a basic file, to the server and then viewed on a $13,000 screen that tests out the quality of the commercial. Everything is closely looked at, reviewed and finalized before the actual broadcast. I didn’t realize there was so much there.

Sports was a fun spot! Meeting with the sports anchor was so cool. He offered me to do some job shadow work in the fall and I might just ask to come down for that. I’d love to be on assignment, even as just a shadow, at a football game. It’s pretty sweet to know I might just go back to this really home like staff and do more stuff.

I was also given contact information for just needing help/advice on what I should do about anything in the field. There was even a reference offer from one of the producers (which I shall use for sure!)

In about a month and a half I’ll be in college. I’m going to try to apply for more job shadows, internships and freelancing to help me prepare for the industry. Broadcasting and print will be a lot of fun! The goal is still ESPN; however, as long as I’m doing something I love, I’m perfectly fine with wherever I land in the industry.


New Beginnings as a Shadow

As a newspaper reporter, I’ve been in a lot of different situations. However, I’m not used to being in a broadcasting room of an actual newsroom.

Surprise! I’ve been at local broadcasting station and I’m going back today for production work and meet with sports.

I went on an assignment to the animal shelter. While there I learned about where the camera should be set up and the fundamentals of shooting an interview. The reporter either goes on the left or right to begin and then switched after that take. For example, if a reporter were to ask one source questions on the left side of the camera, the next source will receive questions on the right. Both sources will have different camera angles as well.

This is all used to keep the audience engaged and it not just be the same set up each frame.

The camera guy was very much an insider to what the career is really like. Missing lunch and being busy all the time are just a couple of examples. He went on to say that some fall short because you have to want it. You really have to want to get the big scoop, write/shoot the scenes and actually go out and get the story. But it’s the stress that makes it all worth it, because once you’re done there’s a huge sigh of relief.

I know that feeling all too well…

My drive will definitely be there based off of what I’ve experienced thus far. I know my high school career was nothing short of difficult.

Glad I had practice at that. I did miss several days of school to go to sporting events. They were all totally worth it, as well! I feel as though maybe I still got a decent taste of reality: you have to prioritize what counts.

I came home really late from football games, missed snack time for basketball games and practically missed a day for tennis and baseball. When soccer went to state this year I missed Government several times to deal with paper work. But during all of this, I still got my work done! I usually spent multiple hours at Starbucks playing catch up during the weekend, but I made it.

With that said, there is more to life than just a casual resume, which I now need to edit. Any career path is about what you’ll bring to the table. How will you change this staff/crew? Do you have decent people skills? Do you know what you want out of this?

Those are just what I’ve noticed in my time there. Because personality is so huge in the reporting industry. You have to adapt to new people and always be flexible in a situation.

I’m excited to work with behind the scene productions and sports today. Finally, something more up my ally! I’ll definitely have an update post here soon!

Is there anyone else working in the shadows for knowledge? What is your experience like so far? What about maybe past experiences?

Forbidden Post of the Century



Lately I’ve been blogging about leaving school, appreciating my friends, prepping for college and whatever you’d find on a day in a life blog of a teenage child.

But something I haven’t touched on is sex and the human body in general.

Ever since some of us were little kids, we were told that sex was a dirty word. Well, it is, but it isn’t.

I was at an art museum a few years ago with my uncle and I can still remember the nude drawing of a very interesting male figure (I don’t think he was biblical, but I could be wrong). Now, usually I see things intriguing and cool, but I tend to ignore them. For some reason though, this entire drawing was nothing less of interesting. The sketch lines were still there, ran over in ink, and monochromatic colors in the figure absorbed the white background, making it look smaller.

There was something in this drawing that maybe a girl of that age should not have been exposed to. There was a large expectancy for my uncle to pull me away, like my father would have. But that didn’t happen. I was so confused. Instead, I got an art lesson. My uncle never touched on the fact that I was looking a completely bare male figure and that added to my wonder of “why nude art?” if nobody seems to touch on the detail.

Okay, so maybe I was sheltered up until that point. Or maybe I was kept from basic human understanding that there is nothing wrong with naked people. It’s totally natural and completely ignored as an art or even a lifestyle, in some cases. Why is this so ignored?

There is nothing wrong with artful nudity, like that in modeling, drawings and paintings. I’m not debating the sexual form of nudity, such as adult films. Those aren’t really artsy in my opinion; however, the background work of the scripts and set up are. Not so much the actual presentation.

What about the strippers? Well, most are dancers. In fact, the exact definition of a stripper is “a striptease performer” a synonym being “exotic dancer.” Dancing, such as this, is an art because there are no winners and losers. There is a show of sexual beauty and finesse that is overlooked due to the environment and other factors. I feel as though if you pulled the strip pole and performer into a museum, and eliminated the fact it may belong in a certain setting, you would get a much different sense of what’s really going on. It’s not always seduction. There has to be skill to move the human body in such ways.

The human outlook on sex has changed quite a bit, but human awareness to nudity and sex would be desired to see. We need more openness to anything sexual. This would allow more conversation for the later years of teenagers. If things are more openly accepted there is more understanding as to why artists are allowed to portray certain things, but you can’t really express it in real life without discrimination.

I know I touched on a lot. But thoughts on this or anything you would like to read more about?


Friends Are Beyond Amazing

This summer has already ended for a few of my closest friends. They’re in college right now! Like it’s not even a month after graduation! I almost did that too.

Here’s the thing, summer is kind of a wast when you’re not doing it right. But this one is going to go places.

I have an underclassmen friend I kidnap to go to Applebee’s on Tuesday for their endless appetizers (we just did this a week ago). After that, we’ll go get American gelato from Walmart and watch a movie. I swear it’s the little things because I love our conversations and movie comments.

I will be taking a trip up to a larger city with a fellow graduate, because where we live is kind of boring. We usually party on the way up by judging other drivers, stopping for snacks, paying tolls and jamming to music. Oh, and she’ll spot cuties in large trucks. I don’t understand that, but it’s so cute to watch her flirt. Like yes! Be yourself!

Locally, I think I’m covered. However, to my friends who have moved, you’re starting a new chapter and I wish I could be in California, Illinois, Kansas and Texas with you.

It feels as though the best personalities move the farthest away. They will most likely touch the hearts of everyone they meet. My friends are ready for the world, but to the rest of the world, you’re not. These guys are so explosive that I got attached to them!

I usually never did get attached to people. It wasn’t until I moved here almost six years ago did I learn how amazing people are. I met my best friends late seventh grade and here we are, high school grads!

There’s something about these guys, maybe even friendship in general, that is inconceivable.

People have a way about them that makes anything, even getting dinner, amazing. We may have those who have physically drifted, but somehow humans still have a connection. We’ll run up and hug each other, even when we haven’t seen them in forever. That’s just beautiful to see too. Anywhere. Not just air ports.

It’s Over.

I graduated high school. Done. Over. Tears never fell. I didn’t trip before or after graduation.

Before I walked the stage, I had a dinner at a country club. My gifts were a MacBook Air (about a year old) and a Kendra Scott necklace.

I had fun at project graduation competing with a friend and only winning a couple of times. I love a friendly competition. I walked out with $240 as well, half of that was just for showing up.

That’s not all that’s happened. I finished my classes with A’s and B’s (GPA is still dumb) and built a hovercraft for physics.

Oh, that’s another thing I’ll miss. My physics class was bomb. Pretty much everyone in there had something to contribute, most of the time. They were all unique and madly fun, for the most part. They were like a third family, behind my newspaper and real families. I’m going to miss that bunch. My teacher, who made everything happen, was probably one of the best science teachers I’ve had. There’s an understatement to that, she was.

I also don’t know what I’m to do without my newspaper family. I know I’ll find another one soon. But for now, I’m an orphan missing their first journo mom (journalism mom) ever. That’s kind of hard to believe I spent all four years in her class. Intro, newspaper, digi comm and teacher aid all in that time. Like damn. I’ll be back to visit her lots and lots. I get home sick way easy and I already am. Because it wasn’t the three different rooms that made it home, it was the staff.

Without that class and those amazing groups, I would never have picked my major in journalism. In fact, I would be stuck in fashion merchandising just trying to figure out who I am still. Freshman me got a reality check sophomore year there: “Sports reporting is your life home girl.”

But every year was a time to become stronger, better. To learn and pass and fail and carry on. High school is where you find yourself. College seems like the time to become yourself. From what I’m finding there’s not a giant leap. I’ll just be alone and paying some minor bills (thank you, Dad for helping out!) and studying as late as I already do.

I’m excited to become who I was meant to be and continue doing what I love. I’m also ready for half price entry to COLLEGE games! I might even have a camera by next spring to take to the events.

For now, I’m typing away at a computer and getting basic school supplies that I know I’ll need. Ew, I just remembered I need to supply my own stapler and tape. Adulting isn’t as fun when you realize everything that’s involved. The sadness is almost real.

How do you adults cope with growing up? Seriously, I’m still young and feel like I’m under pressure. Just looking back I realized how much I’ve matured into the person I am now. Any suggestions on how to be an adult? I’ll need it!