Friends Are Beyond Amazing

This summer has already ended for a few of my closest friends. They’re in college right now! Like it’s not even a month after graduation! I almost did that too.

Here’s the thing, summer is kind of a wast when you’re not doing it right. But this one is going to go places.

I have an underclassmen friend I kidnap to go to Applebee’s on Tuesday for their endless appetizers (we just did this a week ago). After that, we’ll go get American gelato from Walmart and watch a movie. I swear it’s the little things because I love our conversations and movie comments.

I will be taking a trip up to a larger city with a fellow graduate, because where we live is kind of boring. We usually party on the way up by judging other drivers, stopping for snacks, paying tolls and jamming to music. Oh, and she’ll spot cuties in large trucks. I don’t understand that, but it’s so cute to watch her flirt. Like yes! Be yourself!

Locally, I think I’m covered. However, to my friends who have moved, you’re starting a new chapter and I wish I could be in California, Illinois, Kansas and Texas with you.

It feels as though the best personalities move the farthest away. They will most likely touch the hearts of everyone they meet. My friends are ready for the world, but to the rest of the world, you’re not. These guys are so explosive that I got attached to them!

I usually never did get attached to people. It wasn’t until I moved here almost six years ago did I learn how amazing people are. I met my best friends late seventh grade and here we are, high school grads!

There’s something about these guys, maybe even friendship in general, that is inconceivable.

People have a way about them that makes anything, even getting dinner, amazing. We may have those who have physically drifted, but somehow humans still have a connection. We’ll run up and hug each other, even when we haven’t seen them in forever. That’s just beautiful to see too. Anywhere. Not just air ports.


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