It’s Over.

I graduated high school. Done. Over. Tears never fell. I didn’t trip before or after graduation.

Before I walked the stage, I had a dinner at a country club. My gifts were a MacBook Air (about a year old) and a Kendra Scott necklace.

I had fun at project graduation competing with a friend and only winning a couple of times. I love a friendly competition. I walked out with $240 as well, half of that was just for showing up.

That’s not all that’s happened. I finished my classes with A’s and B’s (GPA is still dumb) and built a hovercraft for physics.

Oh, that’s another thing I’ll miss. My physics class was bomb. Pretty much everyone in there had something to contribute, most of the time. They were all unique and madly fun, for the most part. They were like a third family, behind my newspaper and real families. I’m going to miss that bunch. My teacher, who made everything happen, was probably one of the best science teachers I’ve had. There’s an understatement to that, she was.

I also don’t know what I’m to do without my newspaper family. I know I’ll find another one soon. But for now, I’m an orphan missing their first journo mom (journalism mom) ever. That’s kind of hard to believe I spent all four years in her class. Intro, newspaper, digi comm and teacher aid all in that time. Like damn. I’ll be back to visit her lots and lots. I get home sick way easy and I already am. Because it wasn’t the three different rooms that made it home, it was the staff.

Without that class and those amazing groups, I would never have picked my major in journalism. In fact, I would be stuck in fashion merchandising just trying to figure out who I am still. Freshman me got a reality check sophomore year there: “Sports reporting is your life home girl.”

But every year was a time to become stronger, better. To learn and pass and fail and carry on. High school is where you find yourself. College seems like the time to become yourself. From what I’m finding there’s not a giant leap. I’ll just be alone and paying some minor bills (thank you, Dad for helping out!) and studying as late as I already do.

I’m excited to become who I was meant to be and continue doing what I love. I’m also ready for half price entry to COLLEGE games! I might even have a camera by next spring to take to the events.

For now, I’m typing away at a computer and getting basic school supplies that I know I’ll need. Ew, I just remembered I need to supply my own stapler and tape. Adulting isn’t as fun when you realize everything that’s involved. The sadness is almost real.

How do you adults cope with growing up? Seriously, I’m still young and feel like I’m under pressure. Just looking back I realized how much I’ve matured into the person I am now. Any suggestions on how to be an adult? I’ll need it!


One response to “It’s Over.

  1. One thing at a time, know you are capable and know you have support and how to get it, whether that’s here at this home or on campus at your new home. You already have organization, time management and accountability down, girl.
    Love, Journo Mom.

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