Forbidden Post of the Century



Lately I’ve been blogging about leaving school, appreciating my friends, prepping for college and whatever you’d find on a day in a life blog of a teenage child.

But something I haven’t touched on is sex and the human body in general.

Ever since some of us were little kids, we were told that sex was a dirty word. Well, it is, but it isn’t.

I was at an art museum a few years ago with my uncle and I can still remember the nude drawing of a very interesting male figure (I don’t think he was biblical, but I could be wrong). Now, usually I see things intriguing and cool, but I tend to ignore them. For some reason though, this entire drawing was nothing less of interesting. The sketch lines were still there, ran over in ink, and monochromatic colors in the figure absorbed the white background, making it look smaller.

There was something in this drawing that maybe a girl of that age should not have been exposed to. There was a large expectancy for my uncle to pull me away, like my father would have. But that didn’t happen. I was so confused. Instead, I got an art lesson. My uncle never touched on the fact that I was looking a completely bare male figure and that added to my wonder of “why nude art?” if nobody seems to touch on the detail.

Okay, so maybe I was sheltered up until that point. Or maybe I was kept from basic human understanding that there is nothing wrong with naked people. It’s totally natural and completely ignored as an art or even a lifestyle, in some cases. Why is this so ignored?

There is nothing wrong with artful nudity, like that in modeling, drawings and paintings. I’m not debating the sexual form of nudity, such as adult films. Those aren’t really artsy in my opinion; however, the background work of the scripts and set up are. Not so much the actual presentation.

What about the strippers? Well, most are dancers. In fact, the exact definition of a stripper is “a striptease performer” a synonym being “exotic dancer.” Dancing, such as this, is an art because there are no winners and losers. There is a show of sexual beauty and finesse that is overlooked due to the environment and other factors. I feel as though if you pulled the strip pole and performer into a museum, and eliminated the fact it may belong in a certain setting, you would get a much different sense of what’s really going on. It’s not always seduction. There has to be skill to move the human body in such ways.

The human outlook on sex has changed quite a bit, but human awareness to nudity and sex would be desired to see. We need more openness to anything sexual. This would allow more conversation for the later years of teenagers. If things are more openly accepted there is more understanding as to why artists are allowed to portray certain things, but you can’t really express it in real life without discrimination.

I know I touched on a lot. But thoughts on this or anything you would like to read more about?



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