New Beginnings as a Shadow

As a newspaper reporter, I’ve been in a lot of different situations. However, I’m not used to being in a broadcasting room of an actual newsroom.

Surprise! I’ve been at local broadcasting station and I’m going back today for production work and meet with sports.

I went on an assignment to the animal shelter. While there I learned about where the camera should be set up and the fundamentals of shooting an interview. The reporter either goes on the left or right to begin and then switched after that take. For example, if a reporter were to ask one source questions on the left side of the camera, the next source will receive questions on the right. Both sources will have different camera angles as well.

This is all used to keep the audience engaged and it not just be the same set up each frame.

The camera guy was very much an insider to what the career is really like. Missing lunch and being busy all the time are just a couple of examples. He went on to say that some fall short because you have to want it. You really have to want to get the big scoop, write/shoot the scenes and actually go out and get the story. But it’s the stress that makes it all worth it, because once you’re done there’s a huge sigh of relief.

I know that feeling all too well…

My drive will definitely be there based off of what I’ve experienced thus far. I know my high school career was nothing short of difficult.

Glad I had practice at that. I did miss several days of school to go to sporting events. They were all totally worth it, as well! I feel as though maybe I still got a decent taste of reality: you have to prioritize what counts.

I came home really late from football games, missed snack time for basketball games and practically missed a day for tennis and baseball. When soccer went to state this year I missed Government several times to deal with paper work. But during all of this, I still got my work done! I usually spent multiple hours at Starbucks playing catch up during the weekend, but I made it.

With that said, there is more to life than just a casual resume, which I now need to edit. Any career path is about what you’ll bring to the table. How will you change this staff/crew? Do you have decent people skills? Do you know what you want out of this?

Those are just what I’ve noticed in my time there. Because personality is so huge in the reporting industry. You have to adapt to new people and always be flexible in a situation.

I’m excited to work with behind the scene productions and sports today. Finally, something more up my ally! I’ll definitely have an update post here soon!

Is there anyone else working in the shadows for knowledge? What is your experience like so far? What about maybe past experiences?


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