A Late Night Post About Life

Recently I realized that sometimes relationships and friendships are forever. My best friends and I still talk a lot. Even though I’ve been a bit more indoorsy than I have been all year.

Relationships are difficult, however. My last year crush is turning out to be pretty perfect. However, we’ll be closing the distance gap here soon and I’m really unsure but excited. Totally excited to at least go on a couple of real dates and not go a month not seeing each other.

I’m not a sucker for love. I just enjoy the romantic comedies a bit too much and I’ve found that in this guy. As I lay here at 2 am listening to Angels by The Xx, I’m not sure what to feel. I know I should be focused on college more than a guy, but prepping for both brought me closer to this point.

Literally, this whole summer has been about moving out and taking things slow. There’s a lot of hype around the house and my nighttime writing sessions really seem to make me realize it’s okay to slow down and think.

I don’t do enough of the whole slowing down. I probably have missed a few really great opportunities with a few friends because of that this summer. Something about being all work and very little play made me a bit of a stiff.

Recently, however, I picked up playing Halo and a few other video games before I leave. I know that’s not really much, but Pokemon Go is currently at a halt until I get my new phone. I usually socialize at a nearby park and meet other trainers.

There is something about Pokemon Go that has brought me back to my friends and outdoors. Usually, I just go to the gym or workout at home doing basic stuff. Not really much else.

I just have 15 days until I move out. This is really hard to take in right now. Like wow. I didn’t waste a summer did I? I enjoyed my time alone. But did I miss anything serious? Oh goodness, I still haven’t birthday shopped for a couple of people. August needs to chill. I don’t want to be that busy in just a couple of weeks or so.


The Final Stretch Before College

Well, my summer is practically over. It’s driving me crazy that my phone crashes just 20 days before I move. Dad is ordering my phone this morning and I should have in three to five days.

However, there’s still a car to find and textbooks to be ordered. I suppose that’s about all I really need for now.

Besides the final preps, I’m already missing friends. Most of us have been together for several years now, some when I first moved in about 6 years ago. There’s a special person who will be in my area and I know we’ll hang out a few times before my classes begin. I’m just worried my schedule will get crazy a little fast and I focus too much on one thing.

I’m used to having a social life and school. School work is usually done the second I have homework and I work on it for days on end. Then hang out with friends in between projects or if I’m in dire need of a break. This semester will new. I’m going to actually have a part time job somewhere that won’t mess with my academic schedule. Maybe Starbucks will be a good choice.

About a week or so into my move, I want to have purple in my hair. Just light touches. Nothing too serious. I still need to look decently professional.

I guess that’s literally all I have going on right now. There aren’t any good movies this month and video games are becoming prominent in my life before I leave behind the Xbox 360 for a while. My roommate still hasn’t contacted me and I’m getting a little worried about what happened to the contract. But I won’t stress until a little later.