The Final Stretch Before College

Well, my summer is practically over. It’s driving me crazy that my phone crashes just 20 days before I move. Dad is ordering my phone this morning and I should have in three to five days.

However, there’s still a car to find and textbooks to be ordered. I suppose that’s about all I really need for now.

Besides the final preps, I’m already missing friends. Most of us have been together for several years now, some when I first moved in about 6 years ago. There’s a special person who will be in my area and I know we’ll hang out a few times before my classes begin. I’m just worried my schedule will get crazy a little fast and I focus too much on one thing.

I’m used to having a social life and school. School work is usually done the second I have homework and I work on it for days on end. Then hang out with friends in between projects or if I’m in dire need of a break. This semester will new. I’m going to actually have a part time job somewhere that won’t mess with my academic schedule. Maybe Starbucks will be a good choice.

About a week or so into my move, I want to have purple in my hair. Just light touches. Nothing too serious. I still need to look decently professional.

I guess that’s literally all I have going on right now. There aren’t any good movies this month and video games are becoming prominent in my life before I leave behind the Xbox 360 for a while. My roommate still hasn’t contacted me and I’m getting a little worried about what happened to the contract. But I won’t stress until a little later.


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