High School: A Mad Love Story

heart-583895_1280High school crushes are cute and all, but oh my gosh. They are so dumb. People cheat and don’t even treat each other decently about 80% of the time. The other 20% is terrible poems.

I still remember my crush. He plays a part in senior year as well. But you grow from this.

Sophomore year was a mess I don’t think I was more confused than I was during this time. I finally met the junior and seniors of the high school and enjoyed spending time with them. I did have a slight relationship for about 3 days during the fall (I think?) and the rest of the year was just me and my best friend. And a playful crush that meant nothing, now that I think about it. But I did ask him out. He said no.

That summer, I talked to a guy and then went to another for less than two months. Although, he did ask me out and I took a leap of faith. Yeah, I wasn’t proud of that. There wasn’t even the spark I was looking for. No guy truly had it.

Until around November. Football season was coming to a close and I met this breathtaking person. I’ll call him Football Guy for kicks. Oh my gosh. I still remember when he talked to me at that football game. We hung out a few times in the summer before senior year. He moved late July.

Senior year is going swell. I’m keeping my grades up and I’m finally prepping for graduation/college. Towards the end, I hit a low point. Still not sure what happened here. But yet, realize that even though there were only 2 relationships, I didn’t have fun in any of them.

I decide to go with my freshman crush. We kind of came back around and we didn’t have hostility between each other. He wasn’t the little freshman I remembered him as. But he did remember when I went to interview him sophomore year. I don’t know why he recollected that thought.

Oh well, he did and we did some regrettable things. We just couldn’t let go for the longest time. During mid to late April and early May, there was a sense of breaking off. When early June came and I needed to let go. The guy turned toxic. I did.

Well about the time of me letting go, Football Guy wasn’t busy. We wanted to hang out before month’s end. Oh boy. That didn’t come as a curse to me, though.

See, Football Guy had something different. He had a lot of heart and he didn’t quite know it yet. There was a spark. A real spark. Football Guy was the one to keep me warm and cozy. I have never been so open with I guy I wanted to engage with.

Football Guy opened up quite a bit. I decided to tell him the story of the senior year relationship. A one-year separation wasn’t too bad. It was just a rough time. I spent most of my time on a newspaper staff, reffing soccer and socializing with friends.

High school is kind of a sweet time for testing out waters. I might have finished my search for the human that compliments me. But I also know we’re headed into less of a distance with me going to college. This is kind of a late post, but I needed to prove that no matter what happens in high school, you need to be alert and aware.

You also need to have fun and let go. It’s okay to make the simple mistake of dating the wrong guy. Maybe something small you shouldn’t have done can slip by as well.

I don’t think I’m going to count the guys who wasted my time. I was always off doing my own thing. I never went on a real date with them, but I did occasionally hug the guy and maybe a kiss or two. But that was it. I do need to count the guy took a while to let go of. Something about him made no sense, but he did help me realize what to avoid.

There will always be a mistake lingering. No matter what goes down in high school. I was hoping to spend more time with my best friend and maybe do more club stuff.

That’s just it, though. High school is like middle school. It shouldn’t count. The raging testosterone and hormones make it so hard to be on your own way. I just wonder where my sophomore year crush is going to go. Because even through that mess, I stayed somewhat normal for him.


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