That’s really all I have to say. I miss being home and I miss being able to talk to people. It’s such a new environment. I’m literally starting over, but this time slightly alone.

Dad came by around 11:30 to drop off some medication I needed. Asthma and allergies suck, but I did realize there is a serious support system. There is literally no break session.

I think something they don’t tell you about college is how weird the first week will be, also how little people actually open up. Also, your grades don’t really matter (C’s get degrees).

College lifestyle and goals are really about building a resume and getting a diploma. No matter how you get them. But you also need to have fun doing it.

My hall literally does nothing, and I’m okay with this because I somehow make events. But the real party is on the second and first floors.

Although, the first floor never sleeps.

As gone as my RA is, somehow he still found time to get a few people from my hall to go to a freshman event. He’s pretty chill, but I’m 99% sure he’s on the third floor playing video games. I need my Xbox up here.

I went to laser tag and kicked another gamer to the curb at Halo. Well, kind of. I did pretty well tho.

Adjusting isn’t easy. I’ve gone through a lot of stress, family issues still exist, homesick is a thing and finding places to eat on campus is slightly more difficult than I thought it would be. There is a Sprouts (all natural grocery store) nearby.

Oh, and I’ve been chilling with a few friends. I forgot to mention that. So I’m not fully alone. Just adjusting. It’s interesting to have volleyball games at 2 a.m. They seem to never end. Pokemon GO sure is a thing too. I think I took a gym three times now? Lost it like 20 seconds later, but that’s chill.

This has been my week thus far. It’s been hectic and eventful, but mainly tiring.


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