Final Thoughts

This wasn’t a fun election. For the first time ever I actually have words. As a country, we are not totally doomed, but maybe this isn’t a time to focus on individual needs, but the needs of others. There is still a system of checks and balances and still a regulation of what the president can and can’t do. I don’t think anyone should really be angry and optimistic.

Keeping a positive attitude during tough times is just something we have to do to keep the world going. If we just stopped when things got hard, we wouldn’t have seen technological advances or thrived on knowledge of the unknown (which is now the known).

Most people are actually afraid of the future, but maybe we shouldn’t be. We need to pull ourselves together and throw on a brave face. Even if you were for Donald Trump, even you knew there were flaws. But you can’t allow other’s opinions or what you really felt to ignore the reality that it’s just another president and we’re never truly happy anyway. I can’t name a time when everyone was okay with what happened in the election. Nobody is going to have the same thoughts as you, nor would they act the same.

The thing about elections is that no matter who is running, you have to understand it’s a new beginning. Everything about the world right this second is new. Let’s hold ourselves together, complain like we always do, but also let’s not be bothered until something actually happens. Because every president is different and not always the best, but there’s a chance for change whenever someone reaches office.


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