Does the Rush Ever Kill You?

Lately, I’ve been running myself crazy to get things done; 24 hours is not long enough. Today I woke up early and did laundry, watched Bob’s Burgers and read a book. I also was able to complete my Composition work for the semester. Tomorrow will mark my final day of actual school work, and I’m ready for finals.

Seriously, I don’t have a single test I’m actually worried about, except maybe math. I can’t absorb numbers the same way I do words and it makes that class so much more difficult. I’m sure once I get my study guide, I’ll be fine.

Here’s the thing, I’m in core classes this semester. I’m not too worried about passing with a D. However, math is a pass/fail class and there’s a chance it’s going to take more than a study to get the gears going again. Although, I’m sure the test will be short. My professor said it should only take an hour to complete it.

Academics aren’t the only thing I have to plan out. During winter break, the love and I are going to be together off and on. The first Saturday, Dec. 17, is when we’ll have our first date night after this semester. We plan on going to dinner, doing a mini Christmas, and seeing Rogue One. He’s actually going to be in my home town and I couldn’t be more excited for him to come down again.

We had such a blast last time with a few of my friends and maybe we’ll all get together again.

Applebee’s at 9 p.m. is the best thing ever. Half priced appetizers is literally the best thing in the world. Although it’s late, we somehow find a way to be there for a good two hours with just as much energy as when we started.

Having people who love you, help you get through school and make sure you’re okay are gift in this world. If it weren’t for most of these people in my life, I wouldn’t be as all right as I am now. I absolutely enjoy my position in life, especially since it’s the homestretch of school. This doesn’t mean I won’t kick and scream, but I know I won’t be in distress for long.


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