Has something every touched you so much that writing about it wasn’t enough? Like you have to go on and talk about why that person is amazing.

George Watsky, a slam poet, is not well known (with only 666,756 monthly listeners on Spotify). Which is enough for me to enjoy him. Usually, you find a diamond in the most oddest of places.

Watsky not only wrote songs touching on serious social issues, going through massive struggles and living life to the fullest. He seems to have done it all through his real-life events. Lost friends, had a few seizures and got through pretty heavy hangovers.

There’s something about this man named Watsky that really throws me for an emotional loop. His book How to Ruin Everything is such a great read. It’s really a giant collection of essays. That spoke a story of something so simple and how it can impact your life.

Getting my first car was kind of like that experience. I had to live a lot more cautiously, and when I started to focus on my friends and how they drove, I decided it was time to only drive myself.

You don’t know how much he’s trying to say until the last second and hits you. The uplifting story about setting off fireworks and tripping on drugs is really about something greater than that. It’s how you live and who you’re with and when you decide to go out and take chances. Which everyone says to do, but honestly, none of us really do. We don’t really seem to go out there enough.

Honestly, Watsky has a point. We don’t even want to explore whatever is past the smog or even past what’s right in front of us.

See, life is a trip. Not one worth wasting. Never. But it is one not worth stressing over. We all find something that pleases us at the end. Even if we really have to think about what pleases us during that time.

There’s more to this dude than just a simple act of “let me test your mind.” He actually tries to get people into the swing of “there are things you’re missing right now.” I really appreciate that because maybe someone just discovered a new planet or you had a breakthrough in thought and you don’t know what to do with it. That’s a lot of weight in a song or even 10 pages of words.

As a writer, I appreciate the approach to subjects more than anything. Either you have to go into a story blunt or disguise yourself and meaning altogether. That takes a lot of time and work and even just simple effort. But even if you don’t like his style, there is a magic to the tying together of situations and words. I just have to figure it out and actually listen to it.

Updated: 2017, Jan. 05



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