Personal Love

I kicked my boyfriend off the bed for being dumb and he slept there for a few min. Then he came back up and attacked me with a lot of love.

Moments like these make me appreciate the times we have together. Right now he’s next me watching notifications pop up on his phone and asking what music I’m listening to (Iron and Wine). I’m not sure how into them he is but oh well.

Our crazy, stupid and annoying love life might as well be something from a romantic comedy or a cringy book.

Update: he loves the type of music I’m listening to (Pandora changes it to Paper Kites).

A lot of people are missing out on the whole “be dorky sometimes and live a happy life” thing. I can’t really imagine being in such a stale relationship. Like if you are trying to be serious all the time or portray yourself a certain way to the person you’re with then you’re doing it wrong.

On one of my first outings, the guy dropped my freshly bought lollipop. He also made fun of it for being square. Poor guy actually felt bad, but I sent him a photo of me eating it off a paper plate a few days later.

I go back on that day and enjoy his crush-like awkwardness. He seemed very into me and I guess he got a little fidgety because a few weeks later he broke my Starbucks straw. My cold cup rolled under his moon chair and he and his friend were messing around in the chair.  Somehow in the mix and my straw got crushed under the chair legs.

Here we are about six months later and we’re being awkward together (although he carries most of the weight).

This isn’t the stereotypical relationship, however. Nothing about a relationship should be bland or boring. We may have the qualities of a stupid romance, but we aren’t always just adorable, we have differences and show those differences. I’m more hardcore sports while he has the gentle touch of music ranging from jazz to orchestra. However, we share more a combined playlist.

People in relationships should combine themselves. There is only so much you can do and learn alone. I learned how to blow into the mouthpiece of a trombone, while love has learned how the NFL playoffs are determined. He also became a football fan and I’ve explored more of my love for baseball.

Now if only he would stop “accidentally” unplugging my laptop.


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