People are absolutely beautiful. Not in the sense of looks or lifestyle. But souls. Have you ever met someone who you their passions? Have you ever showed someone a secret journal of yours?

Sometimes we overlook those little quirks in people. Sometimes I catch myself stopping a blog post because it seemed pointless. But I know that just getting words on a screen isn’t pointless. I’ve been exploring new likes and dislikes.

Most people don’t know that I read Edgar Allen Poe for fun and have a doodle journal for when I go to Starbucks or a hole in the wall coffee shop, alone. Or that when I listen to Grouplove I’m really sad even tho I’m smiling screaming lyrics.

Which I’ve only done with one other person and they probably didn’t realize it which is absolutely fine because I felt better after.

Lately I’ve been watching Thirteen Reasons Why and realized how much we take for granted. Life, friends, and experiences. They’re really all linked together and make us who we are. Sometimes you just have to be okay with everything that’s happened and look to a brighter future.

We all have people that are not worth the effort in which we’ve put time into. But for the ones who matter, they’ve probably impacted your life tenfold. I’m lucky to have someone who will always be there by my side at 2 a.m. when I can’t sleep.

I feel for those who don’t have that. I wouldn’t be here if a special hadn’t helped me through a hard time. Just to be with someone was comforting enough rather than sitting alone with my mind.

Those kinds of people are beautiful souls. And sometimes just a little less broken. But are full of secrets and talents. And those are the ones we keep around forever.


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