All the Summer

So sorry for not posting in a while. I’ve had maybe a day of wifi at home and have spent most of this summer interning and online classes. I am currently writing in a Starbucks. I’ve finished both my green tea lemonade and water. Also wanting a cookie.

Today, I bought two flannels and planned the love’s birthday present. It’s been almost 10 months with this man. I totally am in love and haven’t really seen him the past 30 days. But that’s okay because I passed my class and am almost done with a busy summer. Right now I have some stuff I need for this semester of college. But in all seriousness, it’s going pretty okay.

Dad and I haven’t been into many heated arguments and with a makeup kit on the way, I’m ready to take on life. I’ve watched a lot of Bob’s Burgers and have missed campus ever since I left.

However, there are only 13 days until I have to get myself together and packing starts next week. My hometown also got a new coffee shop which I will be back to visit for open mic night and great drinks. They also have local artists who hang up their artwork and have handmade coffee mugs there.

As I write this, I have a whole week ahead of me and then some. I also have several thousand events to make until Oct. 31 and it’s not even August. Oh well. It’s been a boring summer with a lot of sports, coffee, class and work. But nothing beyond the occasional visit to the capital city.

Hope everyone has had a great summer! I’ll send updates more often this upcoming month! I’ve missed you guys! How has everyone been?


Personal Love

I kicked my boyfriend off the bed for being dumb and he slept there for a few min. Then he came back up and attacked me with a lot of love.

Moments like these make me appreciate the times we have together. Right now he’s next me watching notifications pop up on his phone and asking what music I’m listening to (Iron and Wine). I’m not sure how into them he is but oh well.

Our crazy, stupid and annoying love life might as well be something from a romantic comedy or a cringy book.

Update: he loves the type of music I’m listening to (Pandora changes it to Paper Kites).

A lot of people are missing out on the whole “be dorky sometimes and live a happy life” thing. I can’t really imagine being in such a stale relationship. Like if you are trying to be serious all the time or portray yourself a certain way to the person you’re with then you’re doing it wrong.

On one of my first outings, the guy dropped my freshly bought lollipop. He also made fun of it for being square. Poor guy actually felt bad, but I sent him a photo of me eating it off a paper plate a few days later.

I go back on that day and enjoy his crush-like awkwardness. He seemed very into me and I guess he got a little fidgety because a few weeks later he broke my Starbucks straw. My cold cup rolled under his moon chair and he and his friend were messing around in the chair.  Somehow in the mix and my straw got crushed under the chair legs.

Here we are about six months later and we’re being awkward together (although he carries most of the weight).

This isn’t the stereotypical relationship, however. Nothing about a relationship should be bland or boring. We may have the qualities of a stupid romance, but we aren’t always just adorable, we have differences and show those differences. I’m more hardcore sports while he has the gentle touch of music ranging from jazz to orchestra. However, we share more a combined playlist.

People in relationships should combine themselves. There is only so much you can do and learn alone. I learned how to blow into the mouthpiece of a trombone, while love has learned how the NFL playoffs are determined. He also became a football fan and I’ve explored more of my love for baseball.

Now if only he would stop “accidentally” unplugging my laptop.

Does the Rush Ever Kill You?

Lately, I’ve been running myself crazy to get things done; 24 hours is not long enough. Today I woke up early and did laundry, watched Bob’s Burgers and read a book. I also was able to complete my Composition work for the semester. Tomorrow will mark my final day of actual school work, and I’m ready for finals.

Seriously, I don’t have a single test I’m actually worried about, except maybe math. I can’t absorb numbers the same way I do words and it makes that class so much more difficult. I’m sure once I get my study guide, I’ll be fine.

Here’s the thing, I’m in core classes this semester. I’m not too worried about passing with a D. However, math is a pass/fail class and there’s a chance it’s going to take more than a study to get the gears going again. Although, I’m sure the test will be short. My professor said it should only take an hour to complete it.

Academics aren’t the only thing I have to plan out. During winter break, the love and I are going to be together off and on. The first Saturday, Dec. 17, is when we’ll have our first date night after this semester. We plan on going to dinner, doing a mini Christmas, and seeing Rogue One. He’s actually going to be in my home town and I couldn’t be more excited for him to come down again.

We had such a blast last time with a few of my friends and maybe we’ll all get together again.

Applebee’s at 9 p.m. is the best thing ever. Half priced appetizers is literally the best thing in the world. Although it’s late, we somehow find a way to be there for a good two hours with just as much energy as when we started.

Having people who love you, help you get through school and make sure you’re okay are gift in this world. If it weren’t for most of these people in my life, I wouldn’t be as all right as I am now. I absolutely enjoy my position in life, especially since it’s the homestretch of school. This doesn’t mean I won’t kick and scream, but I know I won’t be in distress for long.



That’s really all I have to say. I miss being home and I miss being able to talk to people. It’s such a new environment. I’m literally starting over, but this time slightly alone.

Dad came by around 11:30 to drop off some medication I needed. Asthma and allergies suck, but I did realize there is a serious support system. There is literally no break session.

I think something they don’t tell you about college is how weird the first week will be, also how little people actually open up. Also, your grades don’t really matter (C’s get degrees).

College lifestyle and goals are really about building a resume and getting a diploma. No matter how you get them. But you also need to have fun doing it.

My hall literally does nothing, and I’m okay with this because I somehow make events. But the real party is on the second and first floors.

Although, the first floor never sleeps.

As gone as my RA is, somehow he still found time to get a few people from my hall to go to a freshman event. He’s pretty chill, but I’m 99% sure he’s on the third floor playing video games. I need my Xbox up here.

I went to laser tag and kicked another gamer to the curb at Halo. Well, kind of. I did pretty well tho.

Adjusting isn’t easy. I’ve gone through a lot of stress, family issues still exist, homesick is a thing and finding places to eat on campus is slightly more difficult than I thought it would be. There is a Sprouts (all natural grocery store) nearby.

Oh, and I’ve been chilling with a few friends. I forgot to mention that. So I’m not fully alone. Just adjusting. It’s interesting to have volleyball games at 2 a.m. They seem to never end. Pokemon GO sure is a thing too. I think I took a gym three times now? Lost it like 20 seconds later, but that’s chill.

This has been my week thus far. It’s been hectic and eventful, but mainly tiring.

High School: A Mad Love Story

heart-583895_1280High school crushes are cute and all, but oh my gosh. They are so dumb. People cheat and don’t even treat each other decently about 80% of the time. The other 20% is terrible poems.

I still remember my crush. He plays a part in senior year as well. But you grow from this.

Sophomore year was a mess I don’t think I was more confused than I was during this time. I finally met the junior and seniors of the high school and enjoyed spending time with them. I did have a slight relationship for about 3 days during the fall (I think?) and the rest of the year was just me and my best friend. And a playful crush that meant nothing, now that I think about it. But I did ask him out. He said no.

That summer, I talked to a guy and then went to another for less than two months. Although, he did ask me out and I took a leap of faith. Yeah, I wasn’t proud of that. There wasn’t even the spark I was looking for. No guy truly had it.

Until around November. Football season was coming to a close and I met this breathtaking person. I’ll call him Football Guy for kicks. Oh my gosh. I still remember when he talked to me at that football game. We hung out a few times in the summer before senior year. He moved late July.

Senior year is going swell. I’m keeping my grades up and I’m finally prepping for graduation/college. Towards the end, I hit a low point. Still not sure what happened here. But yet, realize that even though there were only 2 relationships, I didn’t have fun in any of them.

I decide to go with my freshman crush. We kind of came back around and we didn’t have hostility between each other. He wasn’t the little freshman I remembered him as. But he did remember when I went to interview him sophomore year. I don’t know why he recollected that thought.

Oh well, he did and we did some regrettable things. We just couldn’t let go for the longest time. During mid to late April and early May, there was a sense of breaking off. When early June came and I needed to let go. The guy turned toxic. I did.

Well about the time of me letting go, Football Guy wasn’t busy. We wanted to hang out before month’s end. Oh boy. That didn’t come as a curse to me, though.

See, Football Guy had something different. He had a lot of heart and he didn’t quite know it yet. There was a spark. A real spark. Football Guy was the one to keep me warm and cozy. I have never been so open with I guy I wanted to engage with.

Football Guy opened up quite a bit. I decided to tell him the story of the senior year relationship. A one-year separation wasn’t too bad. It was just a rough time. I spent most of my time on a newspaper staff, reffing soccer and socializing with friends.

High school is kind of a sweet time for testing out waters. I might have finished my search for the human that compliments me. But I also know we’re headed into less of a distance with me going to college. This is kind of a late post, but I needed to prove that no matter what happens in high school, you need to be alert and aware.

You also need to have fun and let go. It’s okay to make the simple mistake of dating the wrong guy. Maybe something small you shouldn’t have done can slip by as well.

I don’t think I’m going to count the guys who wasted my time. I was always off doing my own thing. I never went on a real date with them, but I did occasionally hug the guy and maybe a kiss or two. But that was it. I do need to count the guy took a while to let go of. Something about him made no sense, but he did help me realize what to avoid.

There will always be a mistake lingering. No matter what goes down in high school. I was hoping to spend more time with my best friend and maybe do more club stuff.

That’s just it, though. High school is like middle school. It shouldn’t count. The raging testosterone and hormones make it so hard to be on your own way. I just wonder where my sophomore year crush is going to go. Because even through that mess, I stayed somewhat normal for him.

Friends Are Beyond Amazing

This summer has already ended for a few of my closest friends. They’re in college right now! Like it’s not even a month after graduation! I almost did that too.

Here’s the thing, summer is kind of a wast when you’re not doing it right. But this one is going to go places.

I have an underclassmen friend I kidnap to go to Applebee’s on Tuesday for their endless appetizers (we just did this a week ago). After that, we’ll go get American gelato from Walmart and watch a movie. I swear it’s the little things because I love our conversations and movie comments.

I will be taking a trip up to a larger city with a fellow graduate, because where we live is kind of boring. We usually party on the way up by judging other drivers, stopping for snacks, paying tolls and jamming to music. Oh, and she’ll spot cuties in large trucks. I don’t understand that, but it’s so cute to watch her flirt. Like yes! Be yourself!

Locally, I think I’m covered. However, to my friends who have moved, you’re starting a new chapter and I wish I could be in California, Illinois, Kansas and Texas with you.

It feels as though the best personalities move the farthest away. They will most likely touch the hearts of everyone they meet. My friends are ready for the world, but to the rest of the world, you’re not. These guys are so explosive that I got attached to them!

I usually never did get attached to people. It wasn’t until I moved here almost six years ago did I learn how amazing people are. I met my best friends late seventh grade and here we are, high school grads!

There’s something about these guys, maybe even friendship in general, that is inconceivable.

People have a way about them that makes anything, even getting dinner, amazing. We may have those who have physically drifted, but somehow humans still have a connection. We’ll run up and hug each other, even when we haven’t seen them in forever. That’s just beautiful to see too. Anywhere. Not just air ports.

What a Week…

I just got done with a terrible, miserable surgery of wisdom teeth removal. I got all four removed and it was miserable.

There were about six days of practically no real food and limited amount of drinks I can have for 24 hours. So many rules involving straws during that time really made a saddening effect on me. I really wanted a butter beer from Starbucks.
I currently can’t most foods and I’ve been craving cookies since I’ve gotten done with the procedure.
Do you know what it’s like to want something right after a surgery and you can’t eat it? So miserable.
On the bright side, I had a couple of really close friends check in on me daily. It was nice to get those sweet little text messages of “How are you?” and “Get some rest.” Something about receiving these word gifts, kind of made me realize how great my people are. My friends are absolutely perfect and completely perfect in every way.
During my time out, I missed a lot of school. Five days to be exact. I don’t think there was anything worse.
On my first day back, I walked into first hour two minutes late due to dropping off one of my many doctor’s notes. I asked about missing work and it was weird to hear I that I’m missing absolutely nothing. I guess it was a lucky break. Or was I excused from work? I’ll never know honestly. I’m not going to press it.
I also don’t seem to have any work in newspaper besides story ideas, which I finished the morning of. I feel like a slacker for both of those.
Nothing like taking a few days off and then having to show up to school with little responsibility in the morning. Peaceful.
A few friends stopped me in the hallway on the way to second hour. It was pretty cool to just chat. Some progress was made though. Like I got to see my three favorite guy friends and a gal pal.
Once I got to second hour a friend of mine, who forgot her stuff in her first hour, ran up and hugged me got her things and left. It was really sweet.
School work today is going to be pretty sour. I know for a fact I don’t have anything in my first two hours or seventh hour. That keeps me somewhat going in all truth. Physics will be okay though. I’ll probably have some slight catch up to play but nothing too major.
One thing I will say, is during lunch I have a meeting with DECA today. Not looking forward to it. I miss my friends. I don’t want to spend my first day back not hanging out with them. That’s a special kind of torture when you love human interaction after being out of touch. I’ll see how that goes.
Thinking of torture, planning prom is probably the hardest thing I will ever do. Luckily, I got that done during my down time. I don’t exactly have a worry other than my prom dress. I haven’t gotten that done and prom is just 11 days away. Crap! I had a mini break down just then and I can’t right now.
There’s nothing really stressing me.