Has something every touched you so much that writing about it wasn’t enough? Like you have to go on and talk about why that person is amazing.

George Watsky, a slam poet, is not well known (with only 666,756 monthly listeners on Spotify). Which is enough for me to enjoy him. Usually, you find a diamond in the most oddest of places.

Watsky not only wrote songs touching on serious social issues, going through massive struggles and living life to the fullest. He seems to have done it all through his real-life events. Lost friends, had a few seizures and got through pretty heavy hangovers.

There’s something about this man named Watsky that really throws me for an emotional loop. His book How to Ruin Everything is such a great read. It’s really a giant collection of essays. That spoke a story of something so simple and how it can impact your life.

Getting my first car was kind of like that experience. I had to live a lot more cautiously, and when I started to focus on my friends and how they drove, I decided it was time to only drive myself.

You don’t know how much he’s trying to say until the last second and hits you. The uplifting story about setting off fireworks and tripping on drugs is really about something greater than that. It’s how you live and who you’re with and when you decide to go out and take chances. Which everyone says to do, but honestly, none of us really do. We don’t really seem to go out there enough.

Honestly, Watsky has a point. We don’t even want to explore whatever is past the smog or even past what’s right in front of us.

See, life is a trip. Not one worth wasting. Never. But it is one not worth stressing over. We all find something that pleases us at the end. Even if we really have to think about what pleases us during that time.

There’s more to this dude than just a simple act of “let me test your mind.” He actually tries to get people into the swing of “there are things you’re missing right now.” I really appreciate that because maybe someone just discovered a new planet or you had a breakthrough in thought and you don’t know what to do with it. That’s a lot of weight in a song or even 10 pages of words.

As a writer, I appreciate the approach to subjects more than anything. Either you have to go into a story blunt or disguise yourself and meaning altogether. That takes a lot of time and work and even just simple effort. But even if you don’t like his style, there is a magic to the tying together of situations and words. I just have to figure it out and actually listen to it.

Updated: 2017, Jan. 05



Final Thoughts

This wasn’t a fun election. For the first time ever I actually have words. As a country, we are not totally doomed, but maybe this isn’t a time to focus on individual needs, but the needs of others. There is still a system of checks and balances and still a regulation of what the president can and can’t do. I don’t think anyone should really be angry and optimistic.

Keeping a positive attitude during tough times is just something we have to do to keep the world going. If we just stopped when things got hard, we wouldn’t have seen technological advances or thrived on knowledge of the unknown (which is now the known).

Most people are actually afraid of the future, but maybe we shouldn’t be. We need to pull ourselves together and throw on a brave face. Even if you were for Donald Trump, even you knew there were flaws. But you can’t allow other’s opinions or what you really felt to ignore the reality that it’s just another president and we’re never truly happy anyway. I can’t name a time when everyone was okay with what happened in the election. Nobody is going to have the same thoughts as you, nor would they act the same.

The thing about elections is that no matter who is running, you have to understand it’s a new beginning. Everything about the world right this second is new. Let’s hold ourselves together, complain like we always do, but also let’s not be bothered until something actually happens. Because every president is different and not always the best, but there’s a chance for change whenever someone reaches office.

Forbidden Post of the Century



Lately I’ve been blogging about leaving school, appreciating my friends, prepping for college and whatever you’d find on a day in a life blog of a teenage child.

But something I haven’t touched on is sex and the human body in general.

Ever since some of us were little kids, we were told that sex was a dirty word. Well, it is, but it isn’t.

I was at an art museum a few years ago with my uncle and I can still remember the nude drawing of a very interesting male figure (I don’t think he was biblical, but I could be wrong). Now, usually I see things intriguing and cool, but I tend to ignore them. For some reason though, this entire drawing was nothing less of interesting. The sketch lines were still there, ran over in ink, and monochromatic colors in the figure absorbed the white background, making it look smaller.

There was something in this drawing that maybe a girl of that age should not have been exposed to. There was a large expectancy for my uncle to pull me away, like my father would have. But that didn’t happen. I was so confused. Instead, I got an art lesson. My uncle never touched on the fact that I was looking a completely bare male figure and that added to my wonder of “why nude art?” if nobody seems to touch on the detail.

Okay, so maybe I was sheltered up until that point. Or maybe I was kept from basic human understanding that there is nothing wrong with naked people. It’s totally natural and completely ignored as an art or even a lifestyle, in some cases. Why is this so ignored?

There is nothing wrong with artful nudity, like that in modeling, drawings and paintings. I’m not debating the sexual form of nudity, such as adult films. Those aren’t really artsy in my opinion; however, the background work of the scripts and set up are. Not so much the actual presentation.

What about the strippers? Well, most are dancers. In fact, the exact definition of a stripper is “a striptease performer” a synonym being “exotic dancer.” Dancing, such as this, is an art because there are no winners and losers. There is a show of sexual beauty and finesse that is overlooked due to the environment and other factors. I feel as though if you pulled the strip pole and performer into a museum, and eliminated the fact it may belong in a certain setting, you would get a much different sense of what’s really going on. It’s not always seduction. There has to be skill to move the human body in such ways.

The human outlook on sex has changed quite a bit, but human awareness to nudity and sex would be desired to see. We need more openness to anything sexual. This would allow more conversation for the later years of teenagers. If things are more openly accepted there is more understanding as to why artists are allowed to portray certain things, but you can’t really express it in real life without discrimination.

I know I touched on a lot. But thoughts on this or anything you would like to read more about?


The World is a Mess

My town seems to be falling apart. In the past few days there was a student with a hit list targeting students and teachers, then there was a guy who got shot in the head, and a rape/carjacking happened.

My only question is why? People can be messed  up sometimes. If we were all to at least control ourselves, would be all right. I mean yeah, it’s okay to not like people. It’s also not okay to shoot someone just because. That’s everywhere though. ISIS may have a record of killings in today’s world, but let’s not forget these issues are massive across the United States and the rest of the globe.

There is nothing worse than someone attacking people for no true reason other than to kill or leave a mark on someone.

Everyday, people try to start some sort of brawl over pretty much everything. This is a serious lack of self control. A person shouldn’t be aiming to start something they probably won’t finish in the sense of they will get caught.

Luckily, there hasn’t been any huge issues here, but they exist more so outside of school. Which is pretty terrible. What are you going to do? Get caught by the police who will do more than just fine you like the school? I think it goes back to the way people are raised.

Parents are so absent these day since the economy crashed in 2008, we are still having to recover in some way. The parents have longer work hours and the students are bored. I enjoy the alone time, but sometimes I become bored of movie marathons, but I don’t try to build myself when the parents aren’t home and some people are the same way.  

Sometimes, we are so caught up in who we are and our reputations. That reputation doesn’t matter unless you plan to be in high school your whole life or you just don’t have any true plans for life. We forget what we do impacts so much more than a loss of life or body damage. What we do as people makes the world either stop or go.

Just a little something to take into your day, make a positive difference and make one soon. You never know how fast you can make a difference.

I Have Sharpies, What do You Have?

Freshman are over here with all these relationship goals and what other nonsense goes on their lives. Here’s a backstory: I don’t date unless I absolutely feel like it, and I haven’t, at least not in the 9th grade.

I feel as though these kids are kind of wasting their time with the opposite sex, or otherwise. Like it’s not really worth the issues when you’re young. It’s okay to be single and it’s okay to just have the 50 pack Sharpies like what Here’s the thing about Sharpies, I kept track of those things like they were my babies. I never left them in the car and I made sure they all worked. The day one died, I would go buy another. Having those Sharpies around were like a second responsibility, kind of like a love interest. However, I don’t think Sharpies would break my heart or make me cry.

Freshmen are making a big deal out of love that doesn’t exist. It’s not real love unless it’s truly made by each other. Not all love is meant to end, but there isn’t much of a true love.

What’s an eleven year old doing with love letters? Nothing. The relationship may never advance by the end of the year, if it even lasts that long. In truth, some of these freshmen relationships end within the first two months.

Around junior and senior year, seems like a good time to actually be into someone. You can build off of each other within those years. Around senior year, people seem to understand compromise, which is heavily missing in the early years of high school. Most are selfish beings until around junior year.

However, there are relationships which stand the test of time. But think about it, there’s only four years of your high school experience and it’s crazy ridiculous to settle so soon. In a relationship like this, I seriously hope they live happily ever after, just like in the movies and books. It would be awful to see something like that happen after so long of them being together. I can’t even get myself to part with my dead Sharpies after two years.

It’s almost weird to see freshmen with boyfriends and girlfriends of any sort. I’m all right with remembering my high school years as playful and friend filled, because I still refuse to grow up, no matter who comes my way.

The System for the Average Teenager

This morning, my younger sister woke up in a bad mood. I eventually asked her what was wrong and she said she was worried about the state test she has today.

Why is this even a thing? How is a little kid, roughly 9 years old, stressing out about tests? We focus so much on making a grade and relying on that grade to take us up to the next level, there is no fun anymore. I do not feel like the government is working on going back to a system not relied on test taking skills. Which are not even skills to begin with since you are either guessing or recalling memory. Teachers probably know this.

But something they should be really focused on, is that when a student does not understand the subject, it’s not their fault sometimes. There is such a thing as a student not being able to understand a subject due to the failure of a teacher not actually teaching the subject properly. The goal is to understand the subject, not take a zero and move on.

Then there is the matter of the grading system. There is the fact that a zero takes you down like the Titanic and an A brings up one or two feet above water. Please, school system explain why it takes me two days to go from a B to a C and then do all my assignments and stay at my C for about two weeks.

My sister made me realize how students really are more than a statistic and the brightest of students are considered to be below average or average even though they excelled in reading, but did not do so well in math. Maybe they are more of a writer and wrote a college level essay, but could not get pass freshman year math.

This really grinds my gears and I am completely done with trying to make sense of the system we have become conformed to. I guess you can say I am going to try my hardest, but I refuse to worry about the grade I make.

Being a Teenager is HARD

Okay, so just about every teenager has this issue of life being “hard.” But how many have two blogs, a future website, are a very reliable sports editor (without a true partner), and keep up in school while working on Saturdays. I also have to help my dad run his personal little kid soccer team.

I sometimes ask the questions “What am I doing?” or “Why am I doing half this?” and then I come to the conclusion of “videogames can always be done a Sunday after my slight load of chores” (I’m a very organized person even when things are going crazy). So I think that helps my Sunday chores.

It’s hard to juggle school and be wherever I can be in the mean time. For example, I may have a serious school time, and be exhausted when it’s over, but still go cover a sporting event. I even miss two or three days of school to get good pictures at a sporting event.

Socially, I’m as active as I can be and then some. I try to get as many days in of fun as possible. I normally don’t tell my friends how busy I am and just jump in and go to birthday parities and gatherings. Even chill out at Starbucks alone, which helps me plan out week because of the calmer atmosphere.

I’m really excited to continue next year as a sports editor and friend of the players. I’m also ready to be as fantastic of a person as I can be. To all the teenagers out there: don’t question what you’re doing. You’re just following a passion.