All the Summer

So sorry for not posting in a while. I’ve had maybe a day of wifi at home and have spent most of this summer interning and online classes. I am currently writing in a Starbucks. I’ve finished both my green tea lemonade and water. Also wanting a cookie.

Today, I bought two flannels and planned the love’s birthday present. It’s been almost 10 months with this man. I totally am in love and haven’t really seen him the past 30 days. But that’s okay because I passed my class and am almost done with a busy summer. Right now I have some stuff I need for this semester of college. But in all seriousness, it’s going pretty okay.

Dad and I haven’t been into many heated arguments and with a makeup kit on the way, I’m ready to take on life. I’ve watched a lot of Bob’s Burgers and have missed campus ever since I left.

However, there are only 13 days until I have to get myself together and packing starts next week. My hometown also got a new coffee shop which I will be back to visit for open mic night and great drinks. They also have local artists who hang up their artwork and have handmade coffee mugs there.

As I write this, I have a whole week ahead of me and then some. I also have several thousand events to make until Oct. 31 and it’s not even August. Oh well. It’s been a boring summer with a lot of sports, coffee, class and work. But nothing beyond the occasional visit to the capital city.

Hope everyone has had a great summer! I’ll send updates more often this upcoming month! I’ve missed you guys! How has everyone been?